"The market is a voting machine, whereon countless individuals register choices which are the product partly of reason and partly of emotion. -Grahan & Dodd "

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7/27/2016 8.45am
Trading Large Gaps
July 27 2016 . GAPS are overnight moves that occur in all instruments. GAPS are only applicable when measured in Regular Trading Hours (RTH) charts. GAPS phenomena occur mostly at the Opening of a day More...
7/21/2016 8.45am
Trading Parabolic Arcs
July 21 2016 . Read StockTwits Interview: The Parabolic Arc Pattern or How To Profit from Euphoria and Bubbles More...
7/19/2016 8.45am
Behavioral Biases
July 19 2016 . I thought this graphic would show type of Behavioral biases. I have gone through probably most if not all of the above biases listed above.... More...
7/18/2016 8.45am
Trading Chart Patterns Prematurely
July 18 2016 . I am a believer in trading patterns or any setups after they fully confirmed its development and clearly gave Entry signals. But some times I get into the Trap of Confirmation Bias (with a hint of Over-confidence) I do ignore More...
7/03/2016 8.45am
Developing SPX Cup and Handle Pattern
July 03 2016 . SPX built a Cup & Handle pattern since Nov. 2015 with a Cup high of 2116 (Nov. 2015) and Cup low of 1810 (Feb. 2016). SPX completed Cup formation as it traded near Nov.15's.' More...
4/18/2016 8.45am
Trading Patterns with Market Context and EquiVolumeTrend
Apr.18 2016 . Most successful trade setups are derived when patterns are trading with Market Context. Here is an example of trading an ABC Pattern with EquiVolume Trend Pivots and Market Strucutes.' More...
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