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1/13/2017 8.45am
Trading Megaphone Patterns
Jan 13 2017 . Megaphone patterns are rare and intricate patterns. Megaphone patterns are considered both reversal and continuous patterns and usually appear at the major tops and market bottoms. This pattern may be also called as Inverted Symmetric Triangle pattern or Broadening pattern and usually develops after a strong up or down trend in the stock price. More...
12/07/2016 8.45am
How to trade your Dragon
Dec 07 2016 . The bullish Dragon pattern is similar to the ‘W-Bottom’ pattern. Inverse Dragon patterns (Bearish) are similar to ‘M’ patterns. Bullish Dragon patterns usually form at market bottoms and Bearish Dragon patterns form at the market tops. Dragon patterns work in all time frames and all market instruments. More...
11/07/2016 8.45am
Trading ABC Patterns
Nov 07 2016 . The ABC Chart pattern and its related AB=CD Chart Pattern are prime examples of Symmetry in the markets. These Harmonic patterns help traders to identify buying and selling opportunities in all markets and in all time-frames. More...
11/07/2016 8.45am
Parabolic Arc: What Goes Up...
Nov 07 2016 . Parabolic Arc chart patterns form when a steep rise in prices caused by irrational buying and intense speculation. Parabolic Arc patterns are rare but they are reliable and are generated in mega bull trends. More...
7/27/2016 8.45am
Trading Large Gaps
July 27 2016 . GAPS are overnight moves that occur in all instruments. GAPS are only applicable when measured in Regular Trading Hours (RTH) charts. GAPS phenomena occur mostly at the Opening of a day More...
7/21/2016 8.45am
Trading Parabolic Arcs
July 21 2016 . Read StockTwits Interview: The Parabolic Arc Pattern or How To Profit from Euphoria and Bubbles More...
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